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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tim Burton!

Here are the jokers from the Tim Burton deck. Found their way here all the way from NY!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Before we get to the older ones...

I'd like to introduce my Shakespearean Jokers! Did I even spell that correctly? I probably did. Anyway, of course, now I have to understand what they mean, at one point... Note: The bottom two are from the "Insults" deck! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

About My Original Collection

...It's found everyone! It wasn't stolen! :) And soon, I will be posting some of my older and newer jokers again!
-Take care now, Cheers!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Juggling jokers

Here are 2 sets of juggling jokers. *whisper* I like the bottom ones better! :)


These are very nice ones, too. But I don't know where this architecture is and it doesn't write on the cards either. So if anybody knows where and what this is, could you please drop me a comment? Thank you! :)

No title.

These two have nothing in common except for their place among the cards. I love them both!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Here are the Bicycle jokers! Since my previous collection has disappeared, I won't be able to share the old Bicycle jokers that I had with you, so sorry about that. But these Bicycle jokers, especially the transparent ones are among my favorites!


This is a small sized joker from a cheap deck. I always like the unicycles though.

Two odd-shaped jokers

Here are two odd-shaped jokers. The first picture is the back of the second one. And the round playing cards, unfortunately, didn't specify the joker name on the card but this is the only joker the deck had.

Optical illusion

Notice the profile within the face? It's a neat one. :)

Merry little fellas

I love these little fellows. :)


Here's another lovely musical pair!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Here's a nice pair with an illustration that I like, hat on top of J. This is it for today! :)

no title. :)

This is one of my favorites.

Small ones...

Here's a nice pair! I should've scanned them together I guess...Well, they're all right.

JokerBlog is back online!

Hello dear visitors, friends and fellow collectors. JokerBlog is finally online again. I have some bad news though, my original collection is either lost or stolen. Yes, it's very sad. I can't tell you enough how sad I was. There's still a chance it may be found though. Until I know for sure what happened to them, I will be posting my new jokers. And yes, unfortunately my bunch of precious duplicates are gone too, so I'm like a new collector again. It's sad how this happened before I could upload all my collection. It's a shame on my part, believe me. So, before making this too long, I want to go ahead and restart posting my joker entries, hope you all enjoy it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This is an important declaration for my friends & the viewers of JokerBlog:

Due to technical circumstances, JokerBlog will remain static for an unknown period of time. As the owner of the collection herein and the author of JokerBlog, I wish to declare my deep apologies regarding the elongated stay of any unwanted,inconvenient material [posted as 'comment-ads'] on the website.
I sadly have to add that, in order to prevent any future repetitions of the situation, JokerBlog will be blocked to comments for the same unknown period of time.
Fellow collectors are always welcome to send e-mails regarding 'information exchange' on jokers. The possibility of instant response and swapping is currently related to technical conveniency. With the presence of this conveniency, a new solution will be sought for the preservence of 'comment-interaction' on JokerBlog.
As a believer in keeping the world-wide-web a clean medium, I would like to repeat my apologies and also declare that the best solutions are intended to be used to keep not only inconvenient but also -if found necessary- irrelevant content out of Jokerblog from now on. This 'might' later on include the removal of the 'Shoutboard', a tool that I love to have on my site, but if it becomes necessary for the sake of the primary principles of the site, then in that case, I would have to back up the code and remove the Shoutboard for a period of time as well.
These circumstances stated, JokerBlog will continue to remain a 'G-Rated website' [if you will] as it's been intended to, at the very beginning of its existence.
Thank you for taking the time to consider the apology and for your unprejudiced patience regarding the inconvenient material that's been unintentionally allowed to stay on the site by me, the author, due to technical circumstances.
I look forward to swapping and interacting with fellow collectors from all over the world -when it becomes possible again :)- and I hope you enjoy your stay while here, on JokerBlog.
Keep up the cheers and the good work! - Jokeresse.